Celebrating International Women's Day at Intrigue Ink

Happy International Women's Day! March is a time to celebrate the contributions of women everywhere. From huge successes to small victories, we believe women deserve to be recognized all the time. This International Women's Day we are highlighting the many ways we empower women and support each other! Today, we are featuring the six badass women and the one awesome guy who keep Intrigue Ink running every day. Read on to feel empowered yourself!


How do you get into a Boss Lady mindset?
Getting into the Boss Lady mindset is an ongoing process for me! Move your body to elevate your energy. Use your words wisely. Be purposeful. Know what you want and be willing to put in the work to put your goals into action. Do your research. Do your homework. Be flexible. Be willing. Be courageous. Take risks. Ask questions. Ask for help. Create your dream job for yourself, no one else is going to this for you! 

Who’s your lady crush at the moment, and why?
I am so proud of the fact that Montana has the highest rate of female business owners.  How cool is that?! How cool is the fact that there are an estimated 36,500 women-owned businesses in Montana that employ 34,400 workers and contrive 4.65 million to the states GDP??!  My lady crushes are these bad ass babes. My colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, friends and family-members are these women. These Boss Ladies continue to surprise and inspire me daily.
How do you empower yourself and other women?
I empower myself through research. I often look to others who have done more than me, or who do it differently than me and learn from their workflow and mindset. I love to learn about how our brain and body works and how it can impact our daily routines. I am constantly on the lookout on how I can better myself and how our thoughts and emotions affect everything we do. I empower other women in my life by working with them, collaborating with them, learning from them, asking questions, entrusting them to work within my brand to inspire me and others. 


Who’s your lady crush at the moment (and why)?
My current lady crush is definitely on Greta Gerwig. She is an incredible Movie director that has done some of my favorite films including Lady Bird and Little Women. She's getting a lot of buzz right now and she definitely deserves it. She just was nominated for an Academy Award in Best Director and as a woman, a human being, and a storyteller I think she goes through this world in such grace and poise. She tells beautiful, relatable and emotional stories about other incredible women (With that I also have a huge crush on Saoirse Ronan, she's amazing) and I always really look forward to seeing the work she puts out into the world.

How do you empower yourself and other women?
I tend to be so hard on myself and I know that other women like me are equally hard on themselves so how I support other women is I'm always trying to be their "hype woman". But with that, I have to constantly remind myself to be my own hype woman so the way I try to empower myself by saying my mantra of, "life is tough, but so am I".

What are you proud of?
I'm proud of myself. How far I've come, of my skills and who I am as a person. I always try to grow change, evolve and always be a better version of myself, but I am still proud of how I know what I am and what that looks like. I am a passionate, determined, proactive and courageous woman. Over the past year, I've learned my worth. I genuinely like myself and I'm proud of that.


How do you get into a Boss Lady mindset?
To get into a Boss Lady mindset I like to put on a good song to get pumped up-- a go-to for me is the Beastie Boys.

Who’s your lady crush at the moment, and why?
I love Phoebe Waller-Bridge right now! She is such a talented actor and writer and I love her show "Fleabag."

How do you empower yourself and other women?
I empower myself and other women by supporting our projects and businesses!


Who’s your lady crush at the moment, and why?
My mamma because she moves through the world with such grace and positivity. She has always had a compassionate perspective on life, gives great hugs, and is a fantastic (but unlicensed) phone therapist. 
How do you empower yourself and other women?
Sharing and celebrating successes is very empowering to me! It's easy to fly under the radar when it comes to your own projects, but putting yourself out there and welcoming compliments instead of shying away from praise feels really good!! Sharing something I created and saying "I am really proud of this" is a really powerful way to introduce positivity into my day. Instagram is my favorite way to share because I can reach people I know in real life, and share with my online friends too! 
What are you proud of?
I'm proud of my growth as a business owner and artist. I work really hard to put in a consistent amount of hard work every day. I don't always see my efforts materialize on a day-to-day basis, so it feels so good to look back on the work I was producing a year ago and see tangible evidence of increased conceptual abilities, technical skills, and personal voice. It makes me excited to see how I'll continue to grow! 


Who’s your lady crush at the moment, and why?
Celeste Moran. She is an amazing jeweler, of West Moon Collective, and the sweetest person!
How do you practice self-care?
Being active a few hours a day. Whether that's going to the gym, hiking, or taking my dog on a long walk! Giving myself time to listen to music and focus on me is the best self-care!
How do you empower yourself and other women?
I try to be open and honest with myself and the women around me. If I am, hopefully, others feel they can be the same with me so I can then offer appropriate support, grief, or celebration when needed!


Who is your girl crush at the moment?
My girl crush is one of my best friends, Michaela! She brings joy and intelligence to every conversation she engages in. Life is always exciting around her!
    How do you empower yourself and other women?
    I empower myself and other women by trying to find compliments to share every day, and I remember to always look for and recognize my best inner qualities. I’m constantly surrounded by other females and it’s so important to remember to spread love and laughter!
      How do you practice self-care?
      I practice self-care by journaling! I make a point every night to journal about what makes me happy and how I can keep improving on myself every day. I also make sure to get enough sleep, read for enjoyment, exercise, and never drink too much coffee. 


        What do you admire most bout the women in your life?
        The women in my life are all incredibly dedicated to their families which is what I admire most about them.
        How have the women in your life influenced you?
        Women like my mother, sisters and aunts have ALWAYS encouraged me to pursue my interests and aspirations.
        How do you empower women?
        In 2019 over 276,000 women in the United States were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. It is a horrible disease so I wanted to partake in the fight against it so in October of 2019 I teamed up with Casting for Recovery which is a Montana based organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique retreat program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing. I am a freelance illustrator and I sell prints of my illustrations around Bozeman, MT so for the entirety of breast cancer awareness month, I sold limited edition prints that were printed in pink ink. It was an experience in my life that warmed my heart and hopefully was able to help some people along the way.
        Who’s your lady crush at the moment, and why?
        My lady crush is my beautiful and kind girlfriend, Gabrielle. Gabi and I are partners in crime. like me, she has a passion for the arts and we support each other and help each other grow as artists and as people too. She’s currently studying graphic design at MSU which was something I look up to amenably because she works so hard in her studies. Her tenacity to detail in her work is like none other and her natural inclination to help those in need and show love to all those around her that inspires me to be a better human. Gabi is one kick-ass chick! 

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