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What to wear to a rodeo

Heading to a Montana rodeo this Summer? If not, you should! And we all know when attending a rodeo you have to look the part!

For a rodeo, women should opt for practical yet stylish attire: a classic choice includes a pair of well-fitted jeans (preferably vintage or second-hand Levis or Wranglers) and a comfortable t-shirt or tank top (depending on the weather.) Sturdy cowboy boots are essential for both style and function, and a cowboy hat adds a traditional and fashionable touch. No cowboy hat? No problem! Intrigue Ink can hook you up with a comfortable trucker’s hat. And lastly, accessorizing with a belt featuring a large buckle or some fun jewelry can complete the rodeo look. For the best in rodeo tees and tanks, Intrigue Ink in Bozeman, Montana is the place to go!

Check out the following links for fun and fashionable rodeo apparel options, or visit Intrigue.ink for more! Giddy up!

1. Vintage Boots Crop Tee


2. Vintage Boots Ribbed Tank Top

3. Vintage Boots Bandana 

4. Cowboys Do Cry Baby Tee


5. Cowgirl Camp Crop Tank


6. Cowgirl Camp Captain’s Trucker Hat


7. Lady Gang Crop Tank Top


8. Lady Gang Trucker Hat


9. Montana Martini Baby Rib Tee


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