Valentine's Day with the Intrigue Ink Crew


Valentine's Day is for all of us. It's a day to show some extra love to your significant other, best friends, your secret celebrity crush, and YOURSELF! Unfortunately for a lot of us, Valentine's Day can feel like a whole 24 hours dedicated to stressing out and feeling all the FOMO. Here at Intrigue Ink, we don't want you to feel that we've compiled a list of the non-traditional ways WE are spending V-Day to inspire you, give you ideas for your own "non-date" dates, and hopefully help you feel a little less FOMO. As an extra special treat, we've even made some super cool Valentines so you don't have to! Print them out or screen-shot them on your phone and send 'em away to those you love!!

Julia's Perfect Valentine's Day

There's nothing I love more than a night in with an arsenal of snacks and some terrible TV. My boo and I plan to indulge in pasta and chocolate and old episodes of Shark Tank.

Paige's Perfect Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day 2020 I will be chilling at home and ordering dinner in for my family and myself! Perhaps I will purchase some candy and cards for my kids. But all in all, it will be a low-key day.

Alyssa's Perfect Valentine's Day

Normally, my Valentine's days with my boyfriend, Mitchell, consist of ordering in pizza and binging our favorite movies. We are big movie people and tend to go to the movie theatre approximately 30-40 times a year. But this year, since we haven't seen much of each other lately, due to our busy schedules, we thought we'd dress up and have more an official night on the town. Consisting of drinks and a good ol' cheese platter at Plonk and dinner at Sweet Chili. Afterward, we plan on Uber-ing home and THEN watching a few late-night movies. Gotta keep the tradition.

Tatum's Perfect Valentine's Day

My man-friend of 16 years (?!) and I will high five one another and give each other a swift Eskimo kiss before we head out of town with a group of friends to go skiing at Maverick Mountain for the weekend. Can I get a yeehaw!?

Grace's Perfect Valentine's Day

My Valentine’s day will be spent with my best friends! We’ll spend the day skiing and then most likely go to Bridger Brewing for beers and pizza.

Valentine Freebies!

Screenshot 'em and send 'em, or save them to your computer and print them out to give in person! SPREAD THE LOVE!

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adventure montana valentine print
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