The Perfect Ski Day

The Perfect Ski Day at Bridger Bowl: 8 Steps to Skiing in Bozeman

One of the best things to do in Bozeman, Montana whether you're a local or tourist, is Ski! 

Bridger Bowl is a family-friendly, close to town, and affordable ski resort just 15 minutes outside of Bozeman! Bridger Bowl has over 75 skiable trails that are frequently skied by the locals (and lots of college students)! 

*Before you make the decision to head up to the mountain, you must reserve a ticket online up to four days in advance at Do this as early as you can as spots fill up quickly. Reservations open at 2:00 every day!

Two of our own Intrigue babes, Grace and Brooke, set out to demonstrate just how fun and easy skiing in Bozeman can be! Follow our 8 step guide to a relaxing day on the slopes! *Scientifically tested! 


8 Steps to Skiing in Bozeman, Montana:

  1. Pack up the essentials
  2. Load up the car and strut yo' stuff
  3. Pre-ski fuel
  4. Set out to ski
  5. Get on the lift
  6. Pull out your flask
  7. Enjoy the views
  8. Have fun!


Step 1: Pack up the essentials

montana ski gear collection

One must never leave for skiing without:

+ a beanie

+ a flask

+ water bottle

+ mittens

+ goggles

+ a helmet (*safety first, please!)

+ snow pants

+ many layers

Step 2: Load up the car and strut yo’ stuff

how to go skiing montana

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Who needs a ski rack? Throw down one of your back seats to comfortably fit two pairs of skis and poles, along with all the ski gear you’re bringing! 

Step 3: Pre-ski fuel

what to eat for skiing montana
places to ski in montana

Skiing tired and on an empty stomach is never fun. You'll spend the whole time thinking on your grumbly tummy and not the gorgeous view.

Two of our favorite local spots, Wild Crumb and Treeline Coffee Roasters are conveniently located on the way to Bridger Bowl. Our favorite food from Wild Crumb is the Portabello Sandwich, but there are so many wonderful goodies to choose from. Pop over next door for a latte and hit the road!

Step 4: Set out to ski

Driving to Bridger Bowl to Ski in BozemanWhat to wear skiing in Montana

Drive safe, and don't forget to download a playlist or bring your favorite CD! There's no service up in the mountains! After the beautiful 15 mile drive to Bridger Bowl, it’s routine to gear up in the parking lot. You can also rent gear at the lodge! 

Step 5: Get on the lift

blue ski montana pullover

Once you’re all geared up, it’s time to get on the ski lift! 

Step 6: Pull out your flask

ski bum montana flask

Drink responsibly!

Step 7: Enjoy the views

bridger bowl montana skiing

The views while skiing at Bridger Bowl are breathtaking. You can see multiple mountain ranges that seem to extend across the entire world.

Step 8: Have fun! 

bozeman montana skiing

  Gear up before you hit the slopes! 


ski montana collection
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