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Our Guide to Fly Fishing in Montana

Welcoming fishermen to Montana is like rolling out the red carpet for a posse of dedicated, sunburned zen masters. Here, rivers are teeming with fish so plentiful they practically jump into your boat, ensuring tales of the "one that got away" will be rare. As you cast your line against the backdrop of majestic mountains, remember: in Montana, every cast is a step closer to enlightenment, or at least a really great fish fry. So grab your waders and your sense of adventure—Big Sky Country has big fish waiting just for you!

Need some advice on where to go for the best locations and gear for fly fishing in Montana? Check out these helpful hints!

Madison River - Wikipedia

image via Wikipedia

5 Top Rivers to Fish in Montana:

  • Madison River
  • Gallatin River
  • Missouri River
  • Yellowstone River
  • Bighorn River

Rogue River Stone Salmon Fly

image via The Fly Fishing Shop

5 Top Flies to Fish in Montana in Summer:

  • Rogue Stone Salmonfly
  • Orange Stimulator
  • Pheasant Tail Nymph
  • Elk Hair Caddis Tan
  • Purple Haze
Montana Troutfitters—Bozeman's First Flyshop

image via The Drake Magazine

5 Top Fly Shops in Montana:

  • Montana Troutfitters
  • Yellowstone Angler
  • Simms/River’s Edge
  • Montana Angler
  • Sweetwater Fly Shop

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