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Our favorite female country singers

Chances are, if you grew up in Montana, you were raised on country music. Or maybe you're a Montana transplant, and you've grown to love blasting "9 to 5" every morning before work. As born-and-raised Bozemanites, we love our country queens—they've become a staple to our daily lives and we like to think of them as chosen family. We love them so much that we decided to make a tee inspired by them... and better yet, we turned them into cats!

We decided to compile a list of some of our favorite female country singers that inspire our newest design. 

1. Loretta Lynn: The Coal Miner's Daughter

Loretta Lynn's journey from a humble upbringing in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, to becoming one of the most influential women in country music is the stuff of legend. Her hit songs like "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "Fist City" reflect her life's experiences, and her fearless, honest songwriting has empowered women for generations.

2. Tammy Wynette: The First Lady of Country Music

Tammy Wynette's rich and evocative voice brought us timeless classics like "Stand by Your Man" and "D-I-V-O-R-C-E." Her songs often explored themes of love, heartbreak, and resilience, making her the embodiment of the "honky-tonk angel." Wynette's impact on country music is immeasurable.

3. Patsy Cline: The Timeless Voice

Patsy Cline's angelic voice and emotional depth have made her one of the most enduring figures in country music. Classics like "Crazy" and "I Fall to Pieces" continue to resonate with audiences decades after her untimely death. Her ability to convey raw, heartfelt emotions through her music has cemented her status as an icon of the genre.

4. Reba McEntire: The Queen of Country Pop

Reba McEntire is a dynamic force in country music, known for her vocal prowess, charisma, and versatility. She's seamlessly crossed over into pop and acting, but her heart remains in country. Hits like "Fancy" and "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" have solidified her status as one of the genre's most beloved and successful artists.

5. Wynonna Judd: The Judds' Dynamic Voice

Wynonna Judd, alongside her mother Naomi, formed the iconic country duo, The Judds. Wynonna's powerful, bluesy voice added a unique element to their music, resulting in hits like "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days)" and "Love Can Build a Bridge." Her solo career continued the legacy and showcased her remarkable talent.

6. Dolly Parton: The Queen of Country Music

Dolly Parton, often referred to as the "Queen of Country Music," is a living legend in the world of country. Her unmistakable voice and iconic songs like "Jolene," "I Will Always Love You," and "9 to 5" have transcended the genre and captured hearts worldwide. Dolly's philanthropic efforts, entrepreneurial spirit, and larger-than-life personality make her a beloved and enduring figure in country music.

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