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Our 5 Favorite Montana Ghost Towns

Halloween is right around the corner! Looking for something to do to celebrate? We compiled a list of our top five favorite Montana ghost towns that are guaranteed to give you the chills just in time for the spookiest day of the year.

1. Virginia City

Virginia City is one of Montana's oldest mining towns, and used to be the capital of Montana. People say they have seen apparitions and have heard mysterious voices. Both guided and self-led walking tours are available in Virginia City. Learn more here.

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2. Granite Ghost Town

Granite Ghost Town, located near Philipsburg, MT used to be the richest silver mine on earth. During the Silver Panic of 1893, the mine was shut down and deserted for three years. Learn more about Granite Ghost Town here.

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3. Bannack State Park

Bannack is located in an isolated corner of Montana just southwest of Dillon. In October, Bannack offers ghost walks where you can encounter the souls of this old gold mining town. Lodging is available in Dillon, but if you go in the summer, you can camp in one of the park's campgrounds. Learn more about Bannack State Park here.

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4. Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town, located near Drummond, MT, is Montana's most intact ghost town. The old gold mining town was mostly abandoned by 1905, and then a fire swept through in 1912 and destroyed most of Garnet's commercial buildings. By 1940, Garnet was a ghost town. Learn more here.

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5. Rimini Gost Town

Rimini is located just outside of Helena, MT. During the peak of silver mining in 1890, 300 people lived in Rimini. When the Repeal of the Sherman Act occurred in 1893, silver prices dropped and the population dropped slowly, becoming a ghost town in 1920. Learn more about Rimini here.

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Bonus: Montana State Prison in Deerlodge

One of our favorite spooky activities is the Montana State Prison located in the middle of downtown Deerlodge, MT. The state prison was the first prison in Montana and is still intact and open for self-led tours and exploration year-round. Learn more info here.

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