Lifestyle + Studio Tour with Celeste of West Moon Collective

Welcome to installment three of our Artist Series: Lifestyle + Studio Tour with Celeste of West Moon Collective!

celeste west moon collective

Celeste, the owner of West Moon Collective is a multi-faceted creative living in Bozeman, Montana. She also happens to be Intrigue Ink's fabulous store manager!

west moon collective downtown bozeman

Take a step into her dreamy downtown apartment and creative studio, and learn more about Celeste's love for jewelry and vintage! 

west moon collective montana

Q: What roles do you have in your business(es)?

A: it's just me :) I do the buying, cutting and sewing, assembling, and selling.

Q: What roles do you have at Intrigue Ink?

A: At Intrigue, I am in charge of keeping things running smoothly; managing the employees, purchasing inventory, scheduling, and keeping the vintage section stocked.

Q: What is your favorite thing to make or do?

A: My favorite thing to do is shop for the vintage gems, and my favorite thing to make is a pair of leather earrings with a new color I just found.

celeste of west moon collective
west moon collective designs

Q: When did you know you wanted to pursue a creative path?

A: I have always been fascinated with making jewelry and am self-taught, but my good friend Lauren pushed me to sell my very first pair.

west moon collective jewelry

Q: Top three tips for artists/small business owners just starting out?

A: I would say to (1) find a balance, (2) find your niche or what you love doing and stick with it, and (3) keep track of everything.

white long sleeve montana tee

Q: Where can people shop your goods?

A: My goods are currently living at Intrigue Ink, Tart, Hattie Rex, Velvet, and High Trash Boutique.

west moon collective montana jewelry
west moon collective earrings

Q: What's your favorite song/genre/playlist to play in the store?

A: My favorite playlist to play at work is either Talking Heads or Curtis Mayfield- all things funky fresh :)

celeste west moon collective montana

SFollow along with Celeste and West Moon Collective on Instagram @westmooncollective, and on her website. 

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Beautiful! And what a gorgeously curated space you live in!

Jenna Moran

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