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Six ways to style a graphic tee

You see a graphic tee and you love the way it looks, but you are worried about the fit. You ask if it's a women's or men's shirt. If it's a men's or unisex shirt, you may not buy it because you don't know how to style it or think it will not be "the right fit." But there is a secret we want to share with you: there is no such a thing as a men's shirt or women's shirt when you know how to style it!

We want to share with you some photos of Jaime -- our shop manager and style guru -- about how to style a shirt with a boxier, graphic tee fit. Here is the perfect example: our Tie Dye Locals Only Crew.

6 Ways to Style a Graphic Tee 

  1. Make it a crop top 
  2. Tie a front knot 
  3. Tie a back knot 
  4. French tuck 
  5. Full Tuck
  6. Roll the sleeves
6 ways to style a graphic t-shirt



six ways to style a graphic tee shirt



6 ways to style a graphic tee



styling a graphic t-shirt



how to style a graphic t-shirt



Styling a graphic tee shirt


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