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3 Ways to Style your Cropped Tee with Confidence!

We see this happening so often, someone comes into Intrigue Ink, absolutely loves a crop tee, but is unsure if a crop is something she can "pull off" –– we've literally have hear people say they're "scared" of wearing a crop top or tee!

It's so important for us that you look and feel good with what you wear. We share the stylish wisdom of our shop manager Jaime, who shares all the different ways a crop can be worn. Jaime has converted many of our customers into "cropinism," and I think she might convert you into believing crops are the way to go no matter your body type. 


1. The No-Visible-Skin Look

Wear a tight tee under your crop, tuck it inside your jeans, and we have solved your problem with crops! Make sure the colors of your crop and the tight tee under are a good combo: matching can be nice but try colors that are next to one another on the color wheel for some extra punch.


2. The Hide-Belly-Bottom Look

Pairing a crop tee with high-waisted pants helps to elongate your legs and define your waist, creating a sleek and polished look. They also provide coverage and support, making it a comfortable choice!


3. The Show-It-All Look

Pairing a crop tee with a low-rise pair of jeans or shorts can be a form of self-expression and body positivity. It allows you to celebrate your body and feel confident in your skin. 

Want more cute crops? We've got them! Here.


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