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How to Elevate Your Shirt and Jeans Look with a Touch of Cowgirl Charm

Sometimes you don't want to go full-on cowgirl costume in Montana, we get it –– but you still want to feel part of the West and nod to Montana's western style. Or you're in the streets of New York or Los Angeles and you want to add a little reminder of Montana and the West to your look. No matter what reasons you have to get more western with you look, we want to use the classic shirt and jeans look as a foundation. 

To us, here at Intrigue Ink, we're always thinking of that balance between full western and urban styles: for some of you a bandita or group of cowgirls comic-strip style drawing on a graphic tee might give you just enough western when paired with a vintage pair of jeans and a great jean jacket -- maybe a pair of Converse or cute clogs to complete the look. Others might want to adventure and add some additional western accessories to complete the look like a statement belt, a Cowgirl Camp hat and a western-inspired bandana.

When we create a new tee shirt or apparel, we're inspired by the stories of the Wild West with its bold, charismatic characters, the aesthetic of the western fashion with its tailored denim jackets, fringe details, embroidered shirts, and cowboy boots, and, of course, the beauty of our Treasured State of Montana.

Whether you want a simple touch of western or you love to accessorize a little more, we want to share with you how a classic shirt and jeans look can be used as a foundation to help you achieve that western look you've been looking for all your life. 


1) Cowgirl Camp Collection

This super cute design with lasso lettering makes us all imagine a cowgirl camp. Are they real? We sure hope so!

The pieces in our Cowgirl Camp Collection are versatile wardrobe staples that can be worn for various occasions, especially when the goal is a very simple touch to get a little Cowgirl flair. Whether you're attending a rodeo, exploring the city, or simply expressing your inner cowgirl spirit, these tees are the perfect choice.

Pair it with jeans and cute sunglasses, and some funky cowboy boots and you're ready for the rodeo! Our "Cowgirl Camp" Collection includes crop tees, tanks, crew neck tees, and pullovers. We've also got mugs and hats!


1) The Bandita Collection

A bandita is a symbol of independence, strength, and rebellion. We love its Pop Art style on the front paired with the old warranty print on the back of this design! We've got many more styles included in our Bandita Collection! Check them out!

To incorporate this western design into your outfit, use it as a simple base. Layer it with a leather vest or a denim jacket adorned with fringe detailing. Complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat, a statement belt, and a pair of distressed jeans. 


2) The Vintage Boots Collection

Vintage boots are a quintessential element of western fashion so, of course, we're always keeping cowgirl boots in mind when designing for our apparel! This is our newest cowgirl-boots-inspired Collection and it's already one of our bestsellers!

Pair this tee with a denim skirt for a feminine look. For a more casual approach, team them up with skinny jeans and our classic Giddy-Up hat!


3) The Lady Gang Collection

Are you part of a lady gang? This design is inspired by the importance of women supporting one another, reminding that we are not alone in our journey 'cuz we've got our gang!

Pair it with high-waisted shirt or distressed jeans to create a laid-back yet effortlessly cool outfit. Accessorize with a bandana, statement jewelry or a Cowgirl Camp corduroy hat. The lady gang style brings out the fearless and independent spirit within you.


4) Ride or Die Collection

This cowgirl isn't like the others: she is stronger than most, she rides a bison! The bison is her companion, that has her back, her ride or die! Pair this distressed graphic tee with a corduroy shirt or pants. Add a boho hat, to match the drawing! Complete the outfit with a western-inspired belt or a bandana


5) The Montana Gal Collection

Montana Gal style captures the rustic charm and natural beauty of the West. Opt for black jeans with a black beanie. Want to add more? Layer it with a denim jacket for those cooler evenings. The Montana Gal style exudes a sense of grace and badassness.

 Whether you choose to unleash your inner bandita, embrace vintage boots, join the lady gang, embody the ride or die attitude, or exude the charm of a Montana Gal, these western-inspired designs offer endless possibilities for enhancing your wardrobe. Happy styling, pardner! Yeehaw!

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