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5 Top Spots to Get Lost in Montana

Still unsure of what to do this Labor Day weekend? We've compiled a list of our 5 unique activities to do this weekend, or any weekend in Montana!

1. Ride Camels in Paradise Valley

You read that right... take a camel trek through the gorgeous Paradise Valley outside of Livingston, MT through Camel Discovery Ranch. They don't have a website anymore, but they are located at 1 Droptine Lane, Livingston, MT, and their phone number is 936-648-3190 and open 9 AM-5 PM daily June through September.

Image source: Yellowstone Valley Woman

2. Soak in Potosi Hot Springs

Potosi Hot Springs is a hidden gem located outside of the small town of Pony, Montana. Potosi offers 4 cabins and 2 soaking pools, one indoor and one outdoor. Learn more about Potosi Hot Springs here!

Image Source: Great Falls Tribune

3. Hike to Emerald Lake 

Emerald Lake is located in Hyalite Canyon Recreation Area just outside of Bozeman, Montana. It is a moderate 10.5 mile hike that offers many beautiful views and a gorgeous lake. It's a popular area for hiking, backpacking, and fishing. 

Image Source: OnlyInYourState.com

4. Sip and Dip Lounge

Did you know Montana has mermaids?! Sip and Dip is a Tiki Bar located in the O'Haire Motor Inn in Great Falls, Montana that features mermaids swimming behind the bar. Learn more about this unique spot here!

Image Source: VisitMT

5. Paddle Board at Canyon Ferry

Canyon Ferry Lake is a reservoir located near Helena, Montana that is a great spot for paddle boarding, fishing, boating, or really any water activity. It is Montana's third largest body of water, and also makes for a very popular scuba diving spot!

Image Source: BozemanNet.com

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