10 Reasons Why A Cowboy Cries

10 Reasons Why A Cowboy Cries

In Montana, some of the toughest folks are cowboys; and while cowboys are tough, every now and then they need a good cry. Cowboys cry because even the toughest tumbleweed gets tangled in their heartstrings sometimes. It's not just dust in their eyes; it's the echoes of lost “yeehaws” and broken-in boots. When a cowboy cries, it's like a rainstorm on the prairie—unexpected, rare, and refreshing for the soul. They say real men don't cry, but cowboys beg to differ; after all, when your best horse runs away, it’s okay to shed a tear.

10 Reasons why a cowboy cries:

1. He scuffed his best pair of boots

2. His horse ran off

3. He missed the next go-round at the rodeo

4. His pickup truck broke down

5. The whiskey bottle has run dry

6. He ripped the crotch of his best Levis

7. Gate was left open, cows got out

8. He crushed his cowboy hat

9. Sunrises 🥲🌅

10. Range land being lost to new houses, roads, and "city crap" being built.


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