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Citrine Sheet Mask

Citrine Sheet Mask

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This 4 - in - 1 sheet mask is designed to encourage a happier mindset whilst nourishing skin

Vegan ✓

Dispirited days happen to the best of us but they can improve with the right practices. Find serenity through skincare with the Citrine Sheet Mask which includes aromatherapy, color therapy, gemstone therapy, and skin therapy ingredients to achieve multi-sensory results.

Yuzu extract in this mask benefits the nervous system and works towards mind uplift, whilst calendula extract provides anti-inflammatory protection, stimulates collagen, and nourishes dry skin.

Perfect for providing a helping hand on the days when life feels a little too overwhelming, for a noticeably calmer and happier mindset. Research into aromatherapy, color therapy, gemstone therapy, and skin therapy practices has revealed they can help with reducing symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood, PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Stress Enhances mental clarity Great for dehydrated skin Improves collagen production! 

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