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  • Pink Eye Chart Onesie

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    Babies gotta have style too! This baby onesie features a pink, yellow, or blue body and white screen-printed design. Test your knowledge of Montana flora and fauna with this eye-catching screen-printed design! From the largest animal to the smallest insect, your optometrist will be proud!

    How to wear it: It helps if you're a baby. Whether it's for your niece or your best friend's kid or your own bundle of joy, this adorable onesie will teach the tots all about the wonders of Montana! Available in newborn, 6 months, and 12-month sizes.

    About us: Intrigue Ink is a unique Bozeman boutique that specializes in screenprinting apparel in-house. We conceptualize, design, and print each design and embrace the handmade feel of our products. We offer cool clothes for infants, toddlers, kids, and teens! Whether you're visiting Bozeman or are a Montana Local shopping for handmade gifts, you've gotta stop by to check out our ever-fresh selection of apparel, art, jewelry, and homewares. Happy shopping!