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    The Silver Stamped Cuff Bracelets are handcrafted from ultra-thick gauge sterling silver wire. They feature a hand-stamped design all around the cuff.
    These simple cuffs are perfect for everyday wear, and can easily be worn with other cuff bracelets.  The cuff bracelet is stamped with Third Hand Silversmith's signature hand stamping across the length of the bracelet.
    Refer to the video below for the best way to put on this cuff bracelet.
    • This video does a great job of showing how to correctly put your cuff bracelet on without causing too much wear.
    • Cuff bracelet measures 6".
    • This cuff bracelet cannot be resized, but it can be slightly adjusted by squeezing it closed. 
    • Due to the individually handcrafted quality of every piece, there may be slight variations in each. These variations do not take away from the value of the jewelry...they simply add beauty and individuality! 
    • Handmade in Bozeman, Montana by local jewelry artist Third Hand Silversmith.